Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Christchurch rebuild

I had just finished my lunch and then it struck. The earthquake shook the buildings and the land.  I was scared and I was desperate to go home . So we all went to the field to get picked up. It also flattened the central city. I think we should have a rebuild because we had an earthquake  that broke a city.

p1 . My first wish is to have some more buildings . I wish they make a awesome cathedral and it is safe  and it looks nice. I wish that all  of the new buildings are modern . So more building look attractive and more people  will want to come to Christchurch . I want safe buildings so that if there is another earthquake they won’t fall down and kill people

P2 . My second wish is to have more leisure activities . If we have these  there will be more stuff to do and it will be fun to live here . I hope they build a awesome playground . Ones that have those big flying fox and a big kiwi that you can climb on and into it. A water park would be cool because in summer you could go there and have fun.I would like there to be a big hydroslide and a really long lazy river , and a huge pool for kids that is warm

P3 . My third wish is to have a big stadium . I want a big stadium because are old stadium was  destroyed. I hope they have a roof on it so it is warm and dry . I would like it to be about the size of Eden park. I would like it to be big because  then we would get more international games and when there are lots of people the city would get lots of money and then we will be able to make the city even better.

Theres are what my three wishes for Christchurch rebuild are. I wonder what your three wishes for Christchurch rebuild would be.Maybe  a new  stadium or a awesome playground and maybe some cool buildings , and I hope they come tru.

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  1. Hey King Remy!! My name is Colby Ronald Griffin and I am a student at The University of South Alabama. I am taking a course this semester named EDM310, and that's what brought me to your blog. If you would like to check out my blog for the class follow this link. The first thing that stuck out to me as I was reading your post was the structure. You did a great job of separating your ideas into different paragraphs. Also, having an introduction and conclusion makes the post structurally well rounded. I do have one suggestion for you to consider. Remember to always capitalize the first word in a sentence. I noticed you didn't do this several times in your post (p1 line 3 and P2 line 3). Overall, you did a good job communicating your main points and structuring them in a clear manner. Keep up the good work.